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The Experts at SJH Financial Can Make a Big Difference

March 15, 2018
SJH Financial was founded by Scott Herckis, who has a strong business background. After he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting at the University of Texas at Austin, he also earned a CPA as he worked at Arthur Andersen for five years in their Audit and Assurance Department. While there, he worked with a number of large corporate clients, including Sheraton Hotels and Cadbury Schweppes. Since then, he continued to increase his profile in accounting and finance, working with companies in the fashion and apparel industry as a controller, then a Vice President of Finance, and finally a CFO.

Scott Herckis

If you own and run a business and you have a strong desire to get your finances under control, or you would like to consider better budgeting and forecasting solutions, Scott Herckis and SJH Financial could be just the partner you need. They can help you make the best possible decisions to drive your future growth, primarily because they have the experience and knowledge to know what works and because they understand the difficulties and challenges businesses face. Scott Herckis can help because he knows how to make the best of financial opportunities.